The first annual Voice.Health conference took place on October 17, 2018, as a pre-conference event of the Connected Health Conference (CHC) at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston,MA. The Voice.Health summit convened a diverse and motivated group of individuals to accelerate the adoption of voice technologies in healthcare.

Highlights included talks from industry experts who are pioneering the voice transformation in healthcare, including how to address barriers and implementation challenges. Attendees also had the opportunity experience a re-imagined, voice-first patient journey – from a living room to a nursing home to an inpatient hospital room – and interact with the latest voice technologies at each stop in the patient experience. 

Click here to see last year’s speaker lineup and sponsors & check out some of the highlight videos below!



Robert Stevens | Novartis

Michael Docktor | Boston Children’s Hospital

Yan Fosset | Klick Health

Jennifer Warner | Mayo Clinic

Stacey Ulacia | Seattle Children's Hospital

Emerson Sklar | applaus

Sumeet Bhatia | Aiva

Debbie Hays | Deloitte

Karin Beckstrom | ERT Innovation Lab, ERT

Sara Smolley | VoiceITT 


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