ERT-Karin Beckstrom Headshot.jpg

Karin Beckstrom

Senior Manager, ERT Innovation Lab

For over 20 years, Karin Beckstrom has been driving software product innovation. In both the human resources and pharmaceutical industries, she has taken advantage of new technology and methodologies to create user-driven, flexible products that fit into the clients’ daily workflow. In ERT’s Innovation Lab, she seeks to prove out the value and practicality of new ideas and technology for clinical trials. She works collaboratively with clients, partners and patients to positively change the clinical trial paradigm. Karin was recognized by CenterWatch as a 2018 Top 20 Innovator for Clinical Trials. In an effort to extend the conversation and collaboration, Karin shares lessons learned through speaking engagements, articles and presentations. In clinical trials putting the patient first, looking at their lives and challenges and matching that against the potential of new technology is a winning combination leading to better outcomes.