Alexa and Google Home may one day have a big voice in healthcare

Personal home assistants such as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home have been a game changer in the worlds of shopping and household appliances. They have helped us order groceries, told us the weather and can even turn on and off lights, ovens, timers and more. Recently, Alexa, Amazon’s home assistant AI, was used in classrooms to tell stories to kids during lessons. For the world of insurance, however, much more is brewing.

By 2025, the digital voice assistant (DVA) software market is expected to reach one billion users and emerge as a $7.7 billion market. In the future, nearly twice as many millennials will interact with voice assistants on a monthly basis in-comparison to their Generation X counterparts. This means that DVA has the potential to become mainstream and do some amazing things in the process.

Leila Amerling