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The Story Behind Boston Children’s Hospital KidsMD Alexa Skill

Boston Children’s Hospital launched the KidsMD Alexa skill in early 2016 making it a pioneer among healthcare providers experimenting with voice assistants. Devin Nadar is partnerships manager for innovation and the digital health accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital and will speaking about voice technology at the upcoming Voice of Healthcare Summit at Harvard Medical School on August 7th. Below is the transcript of a recent email interview with Devin about what motivated Boston Children’s to get started with voice, what they have learned and what’s next.

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Is Voice the Right Technology for the Healthcare Problem You Are Trying To Solve?

At Boston Children’s Hospital, we feel strongly that voice-assisted technology will play a key role in healthcare, both within and outside of the clinical setting. But as with any technology, it is important to make sure that you leverage voice appropriately based on the problem or pain point you are trying to solve. To that end, below we share some learnings and considerations in determining whether voice is the right platform for your project.

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How to Create a Personalized Skill for Home Caregivers in Less than 5 Minutes!

Do you want to publish a skill in the Amazon Alexa Skill store to share with the Amazon community? No problem! Amazon actually has a very informative developers site to help educate all levels of programmers on the ins and outs of creating an Alexa skill and how to publish it. There are a ton of resources available and so many folks willing to help you through the process. Scroll through the store to get inspired and if publishing a cool skill is the desired outcome and you have the drive to make it happen, I say go for it!

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